Com-Tech Products

We offer a variety of products for your technology needs. Com-Tech focuses on providing the best solution and product for any of your projects, upgrades, or repairs.

  • featured-ctera
    Com-Tech provides onsite (local) and offsite (cloud) data storage solutions including secured file sharing...
    Data Storage
  • featured-security
    Protect your network and critical data with turnkey business class security solutions through Com-Tech....
  • featured-network
    Whether you need networking products for business or home, Com-Tech offers high end, reliable...
  • featured-servers
    Com-Tech offers best-in-class servers from pedestal to rackmount servers. Branded by Nexlink, custom built,...
  • featured-desktops
    Com-Tech provides a 5 year warranty on Nexlink branded computer(s) that are custom built...

Local Sales

Got technology needs? We sell desktops, servers, storage solutions, and other technology equipment to meet your budget and requirements.

Local Warranty

Buying from Com-Tech means a local warranty on your hardware. Hassle-Free, with no need for shipping, and minimal down-time.